Graywood Companies often helps to expedite a company's ability to raise cash, or to assist a lender with its portfolio restructuring. Acquisition services may be of interest to companies undergoing restructuring or in turnaround, in or out of bankruptcy. 

Asset Identification
With Graywood's experienced local partners and extensive market knowledge, it allows us to find the best investment opportunities and position them strategically to generate maximum value.

We thoroughly vet each entity we acquire taking the following steps in the process:

• Financial Feasibility and Economic Analysis
• Environmental Investigation
• Verifying Zoning and Governmental Compliance
• Inspecting Property Conditions
• Market Analysis
• Developing Capital Budgets

Assessment Management
We manage most of the properties we develop, seeing many real estate assets through to their successful disposition. We have completed complex financing arrangements and created venture relationships with some of the biggest investors in the industry due to our fiscal strength and access to capital markets.
Graywood manages a professional team including:

• Civil engineers
• Attorneys
• Architects
• Leasing Agents
• Retail Tenant Representatives
• Land Acquisition
• Rezoning
• Concept Approval
• Final Approval
• Construction Management Selection
• Retail Lease-up through Opening

Our experience guides us in working closely with existing management once an acquisition has been made to pinpoint goals, create budgets, and provide guidance on upgrades and changes to properties maximizing NOI gains.

Repositioning & Branding
To revitalize properties whether it means a minor face lift, or a total overhaul, the Graywood Companies marketing team will evaluate the re-branding process to help increase net operating income. We brand and implement those brands using professional marketing practices and consistent methods. Brands inspire loyalty!

A brand implementation strategy helps to determine how to reveal brand assets in a way that's tactical, measurable, and manageable. Standing out from competitiors and focusing on each unique aspect is part of the strategy. It's a plan that simplifies a brand launch, mitigating risk, and improving chances of a sustainable brand. A brand implementation plan can be complicated. Infusing and guiding a business with multiple forms of marketing techniques, gives a company a voice to attract customers through consistency, a clear mission, a style guide and authenticity. It's about introducing a brand to customers, and companies in a way that's controlled and manageable. It's an essential part of creating a sustainable, unified experience for customers. There's only one chance to make a first impression.

Every brand implementation strategy includes features based on building blocks:
1. Solidifying a plan
2. Making internal communication a priority
3. Deciding how to engage a community
4. Scheduling
5. A communication plan on how to launch publicly