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Graywood Companies is a privately held firm with our Corporate Headquarters located in Rochester, NY. We find and create value where others may not in a vast array of Industries throughout North America and Western Europe.

Throughout its tenure, Graywood Companies has opportunistically acquired over sixty enterprises across a diverse set of 12 industrial sectors. We continue to be supported by a solid foundation of professional talent, a pragmatic business structure, and long-standing credibility in the marketplace. This, combined with an abundance of direct liquidity and contracted leverage, affords a unique and very powerful ability to seize valuable opportunities in a timely, effective manner.

A continuation of the company's long term strategy of diversification has led to extensive experience as real estate developers, entrepreneurs, landlords, home builders, urban redevelopment, manufacturers, industrial suppliers, industrial heat treating, pharmaceutical research, commercial and not-for-profit organizations.


Examples of our real estate projects include:

  • Land Acquisition & Development
  • Office buildings
  • Industrial Facilities and Warehouse Buildings
  • Shopping Centers
  • Mixed use Developments
  • Apartment and Condominium Developments
  • Single Family Subdivisions
  • Homeowners Associations and Affordable Housing Project

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you find it useful. Its purpose is to provide a glimpse into our family of companies, Real Estate Holdings, and some of our expertise and areas of focus.

Throughout the site you will be guided, using links, that will supply you with more cohesive information about individual properties. Please visit our Residential Website for more information and details.

Our website is not meant to be all encompassing, so please contact us for any additional information at 585-738-8889.